January 9, 2012

Planning to reconstruct the site

Originally this site was the web home of "Artists for a Renewed Society", an organization of Catholic artists in the Washington, DC, area.

ARS is no longer active, so I'd like to re-use the domain catholicartists.org for a broader purpose, and am seeking ideas from interested people.

(1) Just use the domain as an umbrella, and give out subdomain names to local organizations: e.g., nyc.catholicartists.org, boston.catholicartists.org, etc. Maybe host the sites here; maybe just point the subdomain names to websites on the groups' existing servers.
(2) Open a group blog and invite interested people around the net to write for it: let it become a single source for finding out about interesting work in many places.
(3) Anything else?

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: chonak @ yahoo.com .

God bless!
Richard Chonak, webmaster